HRSA Compliance Training | Health Resources & Services Administration CME Courses

HRSA Compliance Training | Health Resources & Services Administration CME Courses

AffinityCE has long been responsible for providing excellent comprehensive CME accreditation and data management services for many different companies and organizations. Learn more about our administration of Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) compliance training CME courses.

The Client | Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA)

In 2012, 2016 and 2018 AffinityCE had the honor to provide professional services for HRSA sponsored HIV Care & Treatment meetings at the National Ryan White Conference.

The Hard Work

During this time, AffinityCE and its staff of top notch professionals worked diligently with an average of 250 HIV subject matter experts in order to provide the most accurate information to the attendees.

The Service | HIV Care & Treatment meetings at the National Ryan White Conference

AffinityCE provided a wealth of services to the meeting attendees including the following: • An abstract solicitation and management system. • Program accreditation. • Over 200 activities doused on eight major health professions. • Participant tracking systems. • Participant evaluation systems. • Content development for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, dentists, social workers, dieticians and healthcare executives. • Tracking systems enforced by ACCME regulations. All of this was held over the four day conferences which allowed each attendee to claim the credits they needed during their attendance.

The Program Planning Committee

During this meeting, AffinityCE was able to act as a member of the Program Planning Committee where we were able to help guide faculty and staff to the appropriate resources in order to fulfil all outstanding accreditation requirements.

Additionally, we assisted HRSA and LRG to collect resumes, bios, conflict of interest disclosures and contracts from all submitters in order to properly screen and approve.

HRSA Training and Compliance & AffinityCE

When it comes to looking for a quality CME company, AffinityCE has the expertise necessary to meet your unique needs for HRSA compliance training CME courses.

The years of experience at AffinityCE, combined with our unique interactive learning platform, proprietary data management system and sophisticated outcomes assessment protocols make us a powerful partner in the world of continuing education.

To learn more about AffinityCE can help your organization, please call (703)421-2610.

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