CME Content Management System and Administration

CME Content Management System and Administration

The CME content management system and administration through AffinityCE makes collecting, reviewing and approving presentations as easy as the click of a button.

This system is completely automated, online, and accessible 24/7.

Benefits of The Content Management System

There are many benefits of our CME Content Management System including the following:

  • It provides open communication for all parts of presentation parameters.
  • It allows many people to access and review the material.
  • The Faculty Resource Center makes vetting authors a breeze.
  • It allows for feedback, comments and suggestions.
  • It is an ideal way to store, review and comment on documents.
  • It is a user friendly source for downloading, and submitting reports.

Approved Content

An incredibly important part of the CME Content Management System is that it retains all of the approved presentations and related content making it an invaluable wealth of information for future use.

This allows for easy compliance review when following accreditation guidelines.

Similarly, this is an ideal program for meeting prep as it keeps all of the pertinent material in one sauce and memorializes important documents for future use and reference.

Transparency is Key

In the past, AffinityCE has utilized this CME Content Management System to stay transparent with speakers, presenters and faculty.

When an item is admitted in to the system any organization should be in constant step with where it is at in the approval process.

The three different categories as the information travels in the system is:

  1. Accepted for CME
  2. Needs further information or changes
  3. Not Accepted for CME

Ideally, through this clean-cut system, there is transparency every step of the way to ensure that the best and most compliant product is being produced.

CME Content Management System and Administration

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