Learning Management System for CME

Learning Management System for CME

AffinityCE is an industry leader in providing and administering healthcare education for continuing medical education (CME) activities. One of the ways we set ourselves apart is our customizable learning management systems that are designed specifically for CME.

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Experienced CME Provider and Administrator

AffinityCE established itself in the medical education community as a top provider, which makes us an invaluable resource when it comes to truly understanding what goes into the effective design, planning, development, and execution of compliant CME education programs.

Additionally, AffinityCE has the ability to effectively evaluate these programs in order to ensure compliance and desired outcomes.

The Learning Management System for CME

AffinityCE has internally developed a CME Learning Management System (LMS), enhanced through more than 6,000 hours of customization, by combining our 25 years of experience as an accredited CME/CE provider with our medical education technology assets. AffinityCE’s CME Learning Management System for our clients is used in hundreds of applications for thousands of programs by tens of thousands of healthcare participants. Our systems are flexible, customizable, and scalable to adapt to a wide variety of needs and applications.

The AffinityCE LMS satisfies the needs of a wide variety of healthcare professionals in clinical, management, and operational roles while also evaluating the quality, efficacy, and efficiency of each learning activity.

Our LMS delivers reporting functions for both managing and compliance purposes; and is easily adaptable to meet each client’s specialized needs.

The entire system is secure, monitored, and tracked for optimal efficiency.

CME/CE Systems for Conferences, Government, and Organizations

Setting AffinityCE apart from the competition is the fact that AffinityCE is an accredited provider of continuing education (CE) for health professionals. AffinityCE can provide accredited continuing medical education for more than 30 health professions, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, speech-language professionals, dentists, social workers, and many others. We have 25 years of experience working with healthcare organizations, government agencies, and associations to produce meetings, conferences, training programs, and other CE activities in a variety of formats which provide compliant CME programming.

Contacting AffinityCE for Your Learning System Needs

When it comes to looking for a proven, easy-to-use, compliant Learning Management System from a leading CME company, AffinityCE has the expertise necessary to meet your unique needs.

AffinityCE holds a specialized place in the continuing medical education community. We bring together the unique combination of an experienced CE technology company and an industry-leading, accredited CE provider. This combination provides our clients an unmatched set of capabilities to meet their needs in an exceptional manner.

AffinityCE has a comprehensive set of products and services to meet your program needs in an exemplary manner.

The many years of CME/CE and technology experience of the AffinityCE team, combined with our unique interactive learning platform, proprietary data management system, and sophisticated outcomes assessment protocols make us a leader in the world of continuing education.

To learn more about AffinityCE visit our homepage or call (703)421-2610.

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